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Welcome to VetAllPet.com, a platform where every pet owner can find scientific based tips and advice on how to raise a healthier, happier and more importantly a longer living pet.

Covering everything pet-related from simple life hacks, nutrition tips and wellbeing promotion to more advanced behavior and health issues management, this site is the space where I share my experience as a veterinarian and a passionate animal lover with pet parents seeking proper, understandable and in-depth information.


Veterinarian, blogger, author and founder of VetAllPet.com

I graduated in 2014, and since then I had the chance to practice veterinary medicine in various environments and with a variety of animal species from working Equids (Horses, Mules and Donkeys) to Wild Birds (Houbara Bustards, Oedicnemes and Gangas) to Farm animals (Cattle, Sheep and Dromedaries) and even Domestic animals (Dogs, Cats, Hamsters and Guinea pigs).

And I am happy to put all the knowledge I acquired in a simple and digestible resource for every Pet lover to help them solve their animal-related issues.

Me taking a blood sample from a dromedary

A good girl greeting me after a physical exam

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