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5 Most Common Dog Dental Care Mistakes you should Avoid

Your dog's dental care contributes to his good health. Taking care of his teeth is essential for his well-being. Consequently, it is advisable to establish a routine to facilitate this type of care. Maintaining a healthy dentition helps to prevent bad breath and the...

Why do dogs like peanut butter?

If you want to see a happy dog, just open a jar of peanut butter, and grab a spoon: It works almost as a charm! No dog can resist it. Why do dogs like peanut butter? Dogs like peanut butter because it is, obviously, tasty, flavory and has an appealing texture (sticks...

Anal glands issues in dogs

Anal glands problems in dogs If you own a dog, you've probably noticed, at least once, a nauseating smell coming from your furry friend's butt. Wondering why is your dog smelling like fish? The answer is simple, his glands are probably full. The impaction of anal...

Can you pet a working dog?

Is it possible to pet a working dog? Of course, you can pet a working dog! Aside from being highly trained for specific tasks such as, detection, herding, sniffing, therapy and much more, working dogs are known for their temperament, athletic abilities and...

The BPH test for assessing the personality and behavior of Dogs

The BPH test in dogs What is the BPH? The BPH (Beteende och Personlighetsbeskrivning Hund) is a testing program intended to assess the dogs behavior and personality. Developed in 2012 by the Swedish Kennel Club, this test can be very helpful to breeders and dog owners...

Behavior and Personality Assessment in Dogs

Behavior and personality assessment in dogs The behavior and temperament in dogs are defined as the dog attitude towards other animals and people. This attitude varies depending on many environmental and inherited factors. Behavior and personality assessment of dogs...

Can Dogs Smell Fear?

Do dogs smell fear? You've certainly been told before that you should never show your fear in front of a dog, otherwise he could smell it and react aggressively. Well, no one can deny that, our canine friends possess an extraordinary sense of smell. So, to what extent...

How to make your Yard Dog-friendly?

4 Yard adjustment tips to make your Dog comfy Nothing better for a happy dog than a good well-trimmed emerald green garden! But for his safety, and well-being, it is essential to make some adjustments to your yard! You need to install a fence, eliminate all sources of...

5 things every dog parent needs to think about during the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are many things to think about, as a dog parent, during this extreme situation. Especially, Food, Safety, Emergency plans and daily Physical Activity. The coronavirus pandemic is very overwhelming for everyone, and dogs are no exception. Therefore, it is our...

Beware of the Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection

Your dog can carry many dangerous pathogens that might endanger your life if you don’t take proper precautions. In this article you will learn everything about a very dangerous germ called “Capnocytophaga canimorsus”!

Vaccination in Dogs: The Ultimate Guide for Dog Owners

Are you wondering, if vaccination in dogs is really important? OR when is the best time for vaccination? Do you need to vaccinate your puppy? or is vaccination reserved for adult dogs only? Are there any risks associated with dog vaccination?

Everything Pet Owners need to know about COVID-19 in Dogs

The most Up to date knowledge about COVID-19 in dogs, All in just one blog post.

Everything you should know about Guidance dogs for blind people

If you are looking for information about breeding, training and nutrition of guide dogs. Or maybe, you know a blind or impaired person in urgent need of a guide dog and with no clue on How, Where, When or What to do in order to get one! Then this post is what you were looking for!

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